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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment in the City of London

Our experienced dentists can relieve your dental pain caused by inflamed or infected nerves inside your tooth at Mansion House Dental Practice.

Root canal treatment

at mansion house

  • Relief from dental pain
  • Save an infected tooth
  • Treat gum inflammation
  • Remove infected tissue for improved oral health
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What is root canal treatment?

<highlight-peru>Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal treatment, is a way of saving a tooth that may be damaged by fracture, infection or decay.<highlight-peru>

It aims to restore the tooth and surrounding tissues to health, while relieving you of dental pain and infection.

If your tooth has become infected, the only real alternative to a root canal is to have the infected tooth removed, and to replace it with either an implant, a fixed bridge or a removable denture. Root canal treatment will always be the preferred option for your Mansion House dentist, as it saves your natural tooth.

Root canal treatment: the process

<highlight-peru>The nerve chamber, or ‘dental pulp’, is situated at the centre of your tooth, with nerves travelling from here through the root canals and exiting at the tip of the roots.<highlight-peru>

Root canal treatment involves your dentist carefully removing the pulp chamber and nerves. They clean the root canal system, shape it and disinfect it to remove the causes of inflammation and infection. Filling material is then placed inside the root canals to fill the spaces and prevent bacterial re-infection.

Signs that you may need root canal treatment

Root canal treatment can help relieve dental symptoms including: 

  • Pain and an increased sensitivity to hot or cold
  • If your root or nerves have died then the tooth may become discoloured and the gum may swell and feel sore.
  • A metallic taste in the mouth

Occasionally though, there are no symptoms at all so it’s important to visit your friendly City of London dentist for regular check-ups.

The benefits of root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a way for your Mansion House dentist to save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. It’s a straightforward procedure that can save badly infected roots and it’s much more beneficial to undergo the treatment while there’s still time to save your tooth.

Not only is Endodontic treatment often the best option, it is also a cost-effective way to treat teeth with damaged pulp and usually less expensive than tooth extraction and placement of a bridge or an implant. 

Endodontic treatment at Mansion House Dental Practice also has a very high success rate, with many root canal treated teeth lasting a full lifetime after the procedure.

Reviews that make us smile

At Mansion House, we aim to provide the highest standard of dental care in a friendly, modern, comfortable and conveniently located environment. Because patient satisfaction means everything to us.

I had an appointment today for a root canal treatment. I was treated by Dr. Zan Johar and his assistant. It was by far my best experience at a dentist - in my entire life! They were absolutely brilliant. So warm and friendly, explained the whole procedure beforehand, made the whole process pain free and gave really honest and helpful information after the procedure. I honestly can't thank them enough for their service.
Mohammed Hussain

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