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Composite bonding

Composite bonding in London’s EC4

Composite bonding is a straightforward and effective way to make minor adjustments to your teeth, using a specially formulated tooth coloured composite resin. 

The treatment is also commonly referred to as dental bonding, or cosmetic bonding, and is one of the most popular smile makeover treatments here at Mansion House Dental Practice in the City of London.

Composite bonding

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  • Minimally invasive
  • No anaesthetic or drilling needed
  • No downtime
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Composite bonding

Composite bonding at a glance

<highlight-peru>With composite bonding our skilled City of London dentists can repair fractures, small chips and cracks, as well as improve the overall aesthetic appearance of discoloured, shortened or misshapen teeth.<highlight-peru>

It’s the ideal cosmetic dental treatment for any patient wishing to fix any imperfections in their smile. Composite resin material is bonded to the tooth, then carefully sculpted and polished. It’s not necessary to remove any tooth structure and the results will typically last for five years.

Bonded teeth can be easier to stain or break though, and your dentist will be able to advise on the best treatment for your individual requirements and will suggest alternative treatments, if appropriate.

Benefits of composite bonding

  • Improves the appearance of your smile quickly and in a minimally invasive way
  • Retains the health and natural structure of your tooth
  • Predictable aesthetic and functional results
  • No drilling of the tooth necessary, so no injections required
  • Suitable for patients of all ages with good dental and gum health

Reviews that make us smile

At Mansion House, we aim to provide the highest standard of dental care in a friendly, modern, comfortable and conveniently located environment. Because patient satisfaction means everything to us.

I had many great experience with Dr Abbasi! The staff was welcoming, the office was modern and clean, and the dentist was gentle and thorough. I highly recommend them to my family and my friends.

Your composite bonding questions answered

How long does composite bonding last?

With the right care, your composite bonding treatment can last around five years before it needs replacing. Your dental and hygiene team at Mansion House Dental Practice will advise you on how to care for your new restorations, so that you can enjoy a long-lasting smile.

Does composite bonding whiten the teeth?

Your composite restorations cannot be whitened, so it is important to choose the right shade from the start. If you would like whiter teeth, a course of teeth whitening treatment is often recommended prior to your composite bonding treatment. Once you have achieved your desired shade with teeth whitening, we can match your composite bonding shade to your natural teeth.

Does composite bonding look natural?

Yes. At our City of London dental practice, we pride ourselves on providing highly aesthetic composite bonding treatment that looks natural and beautiful.